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Christopher Neil Sports Cars had my order - for lots of parts - for a couple of months.  But one thing was holding it up - the dash.  So Ian said to me one day "why don't you let me do it".

I went to Riter and we pulled the dash out of the pile of old stuff that is (was) my Lotus.  I had to get all the stuff off it, in an orderly, retrievable, restorable way, so that Ian had a pattern to go by.
Ian Getting Started
First, Ian used a high-resolution camera to take a picture of the old dash then he digitized it.  From this he used his computer-controlled cutter to do a plywood test dash.

He sent me the drawing with the admonishment "be sure about the holes", so I marked them for sure.  We eliminated the choke and a rogue toggle switch.  Ian had also added a new button on the bottom.  I don't know why he felt a need for that.
Click to see the new button on the dash
One thing you might not wish to include in yours is the switch hole and verbiage for the EJECT FRIGHTENED PASSENGER feature.  Believe me, you don't quite know what was involved in developing the explosive bolts for the passenger seat and the canopy. Endless trial and error using neighborhood kids and broken windshields. Stay away from it.  Ian
Finished Dash
Gosh, what a difference!  It is gorgeous.

It is a teak veneer; Ian cut & applied the vinyl letters then they varnished and sanded till everything was super smooth.  The backs of the switches have a tidy extra layer of veneer to accomodate different thickness.

In 1978, after proudly owning the car for a week, I got backed into by a very large station wagon which then went on its way.  Unknowingly as far as I know.  I had the bumper straightened and re-chromed, but the passing years (and sitting) have made it rather old.  This time I want to make absolutely sure that it is properly straightened (I think it is a little bit splayed) and well chromed.  And chrome is expensive!!.
Seatbelt Brackets
Here's a good example of the type of fixup needed.  Seatbelt brackets bolt onto the body - they were cleaned, sand-blasted, glass blasted then painted with eopxy paint before being remounted.

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