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On the tow truck on a snowy January day.  I was at work, so Barb had to help push out of the garage.

Sitting at Riter before they begin
Glass out; lids off
The prior owners had introduced miles of wire on top of the original; who knew what belonged to what?  Fortunately a complete new wiring loom is on order through Spyder.

Looking Old
Actually, it looks old but is still in firm shape.  
As Ian said "you've got a project!".

The vinyl had aged better than the carpet.  In places the carpet had simply disintegrated.
Stripped and Ready to Roll
Next step - a visit to Pamyra for a couple of weeks to have the paint removed.
Neat Shape
The curves on this car are really nice.

Note - the trolley exhibits tremendous oversteer and understeer.

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