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Front Suspension

Bare Chassis
Two bare chassis ready for blasting and painting.

Oh! What a lot of lovely parts - brakes, suspension, engine.  All nice and new.
A pair of bare chassis ("mine and a ladie's" - old Goon line)
Ford Zetec 2 Litre DOHC.  A distant relative, perhaps, of the old Ford-based Lotus twincam.  I will not miss the Zenith Sromberg carbs or distributor / points.  I will like the extra hp and reliability.

5-speed Scorpio gearbox and Sierra XR4 differential.  The gearshift looks a bit more sturdy than the old one - which broke off in Denver!
Ford Zetec Gearbox
Chassis Assembly
Painted and brake lines run

Relocated from that odd under-dash arangement
Back End
Differential and driveshafts installed
Rear suspension installed - this is the Spyder-developed rear suspension replacing the Chapman-strut of the old.  I hope it eliminates the dreaded trailing throttle oversteer too.
Front Suspension
Minilite wheels.  New car has 14" wheels instead of the 13" of the old alloys.  
Engine In Chassis
The engine is in and the car is done.
Lotus in a Box
Installed in the shipping crate and ready to ship.

We waited a while for parts to arrive from Christoper Neil Sportscars... a windscreeen, bumper, door seals, window seals and more.  Very glad to have found a place for all this!  
On Its Way!
Picked up by Fords of Derby to be transported across the ocean on the APL Malaysia.

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