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The quality of paint and gel-coat was so indeterminate (from old work on it) that the plan was to blast the old finish, then fill it with powdered glass / resin, then gel-coat, then fill, then primer, then sealer and finally! four coats of paint.  These pictures are right after it came back from blasting, which uncovered a number of blemishes.

Note - as we move to the finish - there are some non-standard things.  I never liked the engine compartment black (or "dark grey").  Too dark.  Plus, the underside will be  given a black chip-guard finish: looks better, sounds quieter, lasts longer.
The New Chassis has Arrived
Uncrated from the box from England!

Body Reconstitution
Here the body has been filled with the glass / resin coat and some fill / sanding done.  After this was the two coats of gel-coat when the car appeared like a white boat.
Primed and Positioned
Here the body is sitting on the chassis so that I, with Great Trepidation, can drill the holes to bolt the two together.  There are ten bolts that go through the chassis into the body and six that go through the body into  holes that I drill and tap in the chassis.

I expressed concern to Sean at Spyder about the car sitting so high.  He assures me that once everything is installed it will sit at the correct height.  Till then, says Sean, it may look like a "Beach Buggy".

New Gearlever & Handbrake Location
The gear lever goes back a bit and the hand brake is relocated from under the dash.  You can see chassis mounting holes in the floor and in front of the gear lever.
Some Paint
As noted the engine compartment is yellow.  Quite definitely, no?  Also note the black seen through the wheel well and in the transmission tunnel.

There was a wee bit supplied with the chassis but we decided this stuff, fully deployed, was more effective and cooler looking.  You can see some of the mounting holes along, on top and in the front of the chassis (marked in linked picture).
At first the yellowness, in contrast to all around it, seemed almost overpowering .  But it is fantastic.

Barry put this engine shroud over the Zetec as a dust-cover, to smiles all around.  It was previously covering a Porsche 914.  In front are various parts, including the gas tank, ready for painting.

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