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Pure Lotus - almost too simple & lightweight, but it's neat how they did this.  Each headlight pod swivels on a bolt on each side.  A tube going between the two keeps them together.  The pods are kept up by springs and then held down by vacuum.
Fuel System
The Zetec's fuel injection requires a quite different fuel delivery system.  The outlet from the tank is reversed to feed a swirl pot mounted in the trunk.  The fuel pump takes it from there, then the filter, then into the lnes up to the engine.  Returning fuel comes back in the top of the swirl pot.  Other hoses are for venting to / from the tank.
There are all kinds of little discoveries - for example the banjo fitting at the tank outlet has to be replaced.  Something like this I think.. Spyder is getting me the spec.
Cooling System
Spyder supplies a new bracket, attached at the body / chssis bolts, to support the radiator.  A couple more brackets hold the top.
With hoses and pipes, the whole think looks quite neat, I think.
Pedal Box
Oh! this was a joy.  Getting the shaft in - along with pedals, washers, spring, clevis pins and cotter pins - in that little space was, umm, arduous.

Brake Master Cylinder
More tight squeezes and adjustments in impossible places.

Clutch Cable
We have to modify the pedal box and, we think, take the cable through the body (!).  Just what I always wanted.

Going to be quite straightforward... I think and hope.

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