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All of Us - June 2007
Rutter Falls
Arrival at Rutter falls
We stayed the week at the Mill at Rutter Falls - hosted by Dave, Sue and Casper.  The mill is about 400 years old; to get there you take the M6 North well into the country, exit onto a 2-lane road over the moor, turn off to a narrow country road, take a narrower road then a really narrow lane through the trees, drive through the ford through the stream and there you are.
Picnic table at Rutter Falls Casper taking care of thingsDave and Sues cottage From the downstairs windowOn the upstairs balcony
Rutter Falls at Dawn
View, going up the hill, across the Eden Valley with the Yorkshire Moors in the distance
Saturday morning I got up shortly after 4:00 and went for a walk around the local countryside.
The road / ford to get to the millGoing up the hill, looking across the Eden Valley toward the Yorkshire MoorsAlong the path - "this green and pleasant land"
A stone hut in a fieldCompany along the routeDew on the grassTaking a footpath back
Public footpaths like these take you all around EnglandSome interesting birds along the streamBack at the Mill - a red squirrel
Sunday Climb up Scafell
Brian and I almost to the top (where I was even more tired)
Brian and I left early to take a walk up to the top of Scafell Pike - the highest spot in England... about a 7 hour hike (for me, the slow one).
Seathwaite Farm at the beginning of the trail.Looking back to Seathwaite valleyGetting started - past Styhead TarnWill (our guide) and BrianBack to StyheadSprinkling Tarn - note the campers; a braw spot.Lunch break at Eske Hause
View from Eske hauseThis is a tough walk - rocks, rocks, rocksWe can see the topThe final climbClimbng down into the cloudsBrian in the clouds.. Wasdale belowWaterfalls all over the hillsWasdale
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