My LOTUS Pages - Suppliers,  References and Links - where would I be without all these great folks!

Spyder Engineering  - Chassis, drive train, assembly pictures and advice, odd urgently needed bits
Christopher Neil  - Large selection of parts - bought windshield, back bumper, door seals...
Paul Matty - Possibly more extensive selection of Lotus parts.  Headliner, grommets...

MacGregor British Car Parts - Rubber seal experts in Toronto (rear window and trunk seal, window felt strips)
Herb's Fastener & Supply - Excellent Rochester NY source for fasteners
McMaster - Astonishing quantity of  bits (Ian swears by them)

Liberty Canvas & Upholstery - this is the outfit that Barry uses
BJR Radiator, Rochester - they helped me out with radiator bushings (at the suggestion of Van Thof's).

Automat Auto Interiors & Tops - possible source for carpet - they have Lotus patterns and many carpet choices

Various Lotus and Plus 2 Sites - great name.  A work, for a long time, in progress.  But a treasure because of the Tech Manuals on the site.
Trevor Sparrow - terrific Plus2 history, technical description and more.
Lotus Elan Resoration - nameless author of a good +2 rebuild story - another restoration
David Sutcliffe - yet another restoration and a most enterprising one

LOONY - Lotus Owners Of New York. An excellent name for a club of (upstate) NY Lotus owners.
Lotus Ltd - Larget US Lotus Club
GGLC - Golden Gate Lotus Club

Other Parts Places
Dave Bean - legendary California Lotus folks
RD Enterprises - USA parts
Sports Car World - Texas used parts and interesting stuff
Woolies - more trim stuff than you thought existed
Mouser - I have no idea other than they seem to have a bazillion rocker switches

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