My LOTUS Pages - Before

    The Elan on a nice, crisp fall day - before the restoration plan.

It's a lovely car, but there is so much to fix.

There is a chunk missing from the right front and the door handle got clobbered by falling wood in the garage.  The bumper has rusted since it was straightened and re-chromed after meeting a Buick in Denver at Jennifer's pre-school.

The inside defines the word tattered with the veneer on the dash split and  falling off.  The wiring -an absolute rats nest.  The engine that once went so well; now stilled.

And, underneath, a chassis and suspension and brakes that are 40 years old.

Oh - the wheels.  When we got to New York in 1979 the car had steel wheels and Semperit tires.  Worn - very worn - Semperit tires.  It would not pass inspection so all I could do was go to Sears and get something I could afford.   I drove away down the  highway loving them then took a quick turn on an exit ramp and achieved maximum oversteer!  Thhe wheels weren't on tight.  In the end Sears replaced the steel wheels with these lovely Lotus alloys which are still in great shape.

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